Wiroon janthong

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Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Prince of Songkla University,Pattani Campus, Thailand

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Narathiwat Thailand

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Narathiwat Thailand

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Wiroon grew up in the three southern border provinces. He is interested in lifestyle, religion, culture, and violence in the 3 southern border provinces, which continue to exist and have a significant impact on the local people's lives. When a conflict intensifies and becomes violent, it is ready to extend to the point of generating war, and regardless of whether one side wins or loses; both sides will suffer and lose. Not all of this, though, is wreaking devastation on humanity. Religion is probably not a condition that promotes violence, yet it is mentioned after each incidence. Because of the immense rewards, greed, money, power, and prosperity, religion has become a weapon for generating paranoia and depressing people's minds. The situation would be difficult to calm, but the individuals exposed to karma or violence may be the conditions that allow the other group to seize control and govern on their preferred side.

"Violent incidents" do not produce positive outcomes. It only results in a loss that is not related to gender, age, or social status.

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