Pichet Piaklin

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Silpakorn University.

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Pattani Thailand

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Pattani Thailand

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Pichet Piaklin was born in 1970 in Pattani. He graduated with bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in Fine Arts at Silpakorn University. Pichet started his life as an artist by spending more than 2 years creating murals painting for the chapel of Pip Paliwan Temple, Tak Bai District, Narathiwat Province (1997-1998). After that, he established the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Prince of Songkhla University, Pattani Campus. He pioneered education of Fine art and the contemporary art scene in the deep south of Thailand (2002). Pichet was interested in Buddhist doctrines, especially in the areas of mind, concentration and intellect; in his early artworks he used the form of Buddhist symbols and traditional Thai art processes as for his creations, he subsequently altered the content of his work towards the doctrines of Taoism and Zen Buddhism, that reduced the respect for fictitious images to respect for nature, thus his works became more abstract art. In addition to working as an artist, Pichet is also a visual arts teacher, so he experiments with creating works of art in a variety of styles and techniques to guide art students and art explorer in his art world. And some of his artworks also critique the political issues in his area through his abstract art and installation art.

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